Commitment to a Legacy

Dr. Thomas P. Trevisani Sr. of Celebrities Choice Cosmetic Surgery
is not only dedicated to his patients but also to his family legacy.

By Kim Praniewicz

In most of our lives, there is a defining moment, a moment that shapes the essence of our character. By definition, a defining moment is a point at which the essential nature or character of a person is forged or revealed. For Dr. Thomas P. Trevisani Sr., losing his father at a young age was that single point in time that set his entire future course.

The oldest of six boys, Dr. Thomas Trevisani Sr., or Dr. Tom as his patients affectionately call him, was born and raised in New York by second-generation Italian-American parents. He attended Midland College in Nebraska on a football scholarship and went on to graduate from the University of Nebraska School of Medicine.

A Father’s Request

While Dr. Tom was attending medical school, his father became very ill.
During the Christmas holiday break from medical school in 1972, Dr. Tom returned home to visit. Although, he did not know at the time, it would be the last holiday spent with his father. In the midst of Christmas traditions and celebrations, his father made a request at his bedside in the family home. He asked Dr. Tom to help his five younger brothers along in life’s

journey since he would not be able to do so for much longer. He was honored that his father made this request and faithfully committed to carry on his father’s legacy of providing for family and his pursuit of excellence.

As the years progressed, Dr. Tom honored his father’s request by serving as a role model, helping his now very successful brothers follow their chosen pursuits. Brother Gino is a law school graduate in San Diego and Don is a yacht captain in Miami. Three brothers followed Dr. Tom into medicine. Dr. Patrick Trevisani is a trained podiatrist and works with nursing home patients. Dr. Michael Trevisani is a colon surgeon as well as medical director of a 600-physician group in Upstate New York, and Dr. Jon Trevisani was inspired by his eldest brother to specialize in plastic surgery. Dr. Jon, 13 years junior, joined Dr. Tom’s practice for two years to get acclimated to Central Florida before going out on his own. Although they are technically competitors, Dr. Tom was very supportive and encouraged the move.

Leading the Way

If you are keeping count, that’s four doctors in the immediate family. Plus their cousin, Dr. Ron Trevisani, is a gifted oral surgeon.

It’s easy to see how there could be confusion since there is more than one Dr. Trevisani in the market. Make no mistake, Dr. Tom Trevisani is the one who led the way for others. Think of it this way, some may confuse the difference between sparkling wine and Champagne. However, only Champagne has the pedigree to be called Champagne. Created through a very unique and distinctive process, unlike any other, Champagne provides a uniquely memorable experience. It’s the original and so is Dr. Tom Trevisani.

Recognized as one of the foremost plastic surgeons in Florida, Dr. Tom Trevisani’s extensive achievements include the distinctive designation as a lifetime board certified plastic surgeon, and he is the recipient of the American Medical Association’s Physicians Recognition Award for Continuing Medical Education. In addition, he has been a member of the Orange County Medical Society, Florida Medical Association, American Medical Association and American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Tom has served the community on the board of directors for the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society.

He is a staff member of Orlando Health System and has surgical privileges at most affiliated hospitals.