Transforming His Patients

Inspired by a Baroque-period artist known for painting graceful figures (Francesco Trevisani), Dr. Tom practices the art of graceful transformation. His passion for excellence is easily seen in his commitment to his clients and the artistry of his work. When asked about the difference between surgical and non-surgical solutions, Dr. Tom advises, “As you consider cosmetic solutions, evaluate the benefits of long lasting solutions that transform. Temporary non-surgical solutions, while great embellishments, they are ancillary to the core treatment of the issue.”

Dr. Tom shares, “I have the distinct privilege to assist my clients in achieving their vision. Guiding their transformation and witnessing their expression of joy provides great fulfillment.” Dr. Tom’s genuine caring demeanor and welcoming environment continues to receive rave reviews from clients.

Not all plastic surgeons are created equal and not all offer a full range of cosmetic procedures. Dr. Tom recommends that if you have tried non-surgical treatments and you are not satisfied with the cost and repeated time commitment with short term results, you may be a candidate for the more definitive solution of surgery.

More energized than ever, Dr. Tom is driven to achieve optimal long lasting results through a client-centric approach, a legacy of his own.

Dr. Trevisani is Transforming His Patients in Orlando FL.